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I have a dream of a Biblical Church

I have a dream of a Biblical Church

I was one of three people studying the Bible who came to realise that not only was the Bible really special, it was worth sharing. The question was, "How do we do it?" The idea of meeting in a home came up. One of the ladies said, "We could watch this video series together and invite our friends." An idea was born.

Then the Pastor, me, went to a series of meetings in, of all places, Serbia. Those meetings gave rise to a plan of action that came to express the idea of a church that could exist virtually, on the Internet, as well as on the ground.

What kind of a church? I see a dream of a Biblical church. The values of that church are expressed in this short video. Please click to watch the video.

Here is the dream as I see it in practice. On Wednesdays a small group will gather in Roker, Sunderland and have a few sandwiches, a drink then sing an appropriate song. Then they would watch a teaching video. Instead of just sitting and accepting everything the pause button would be very active. Any person at the group can press the button and say something like, "I don't understand that" or "Please explain the point just made". The aim would be to give Bible answers to questions.

There are plenty of Christians in our area who would like to also take part so we will be advertising what we are doing on our related Facebook page so that people in our area can watch along with us, either at the same time as us or whenever they feel. Like the home based group they can also press the pause button and ask questions - through Facebook on the 'I have a dream of a Biblical Church' page.

Who could attend? Absolutely anyone. It would not b
e a church for Seventh-day Adventists, Methodists, Pentecostals or Baptists. The Church would be a place where people could meet up, study the Bible and put the teachings into practice in their own life wherever they happened to live - even if that happened to be Korea, Turkey or Bolivia.

The dream is to then develop the idea so that occasionally we could have gatherings for worship as a large group - and then find ways in which we could serve others where we are.

I have a dream of a serving and caring church ....