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As you can see we are fortunate to have a church near the coast. Although the church is sadly not as easy to find like the coast. To get to church you could try some of the following ways:

If you live in Sunderland:

Go to the Park Lane Interchange Stand Q for the E1.

Ask a ticket for 'Mowbray Road.'

Once you leave Westcott Avenue (passed a little shop) for Mowbray Road you are here.

The bus stop is noticeable as it's 'sheltered.'

Then you walk (west) up towards a telephone box, next to a little park.

To your left there will be sign saying "Westoe Avenue"

You should see the church building from there

"Seventh-day Adventist Church" on a sign on the left. Also the new maroon painted church with a big wooden red entrance stands out.

Then as you will see there are two floors in the building (three including basement)

Our church services are on the first floor, the door to the left before the stairs with a sign saying

"Welcome to the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

If you live in Sunderland/Metro:

From any station in Sunderland go to Chichester-South Shields. Its a little more complicated but its easy if you follow the directions.

From there its only a ten minute walk.

Walk along Dean Road in the east direction.

You will reach Sunderland Road, continue in the east direction to the road across the street.

Next you will be at the beginning of Westoe Road, you walk down Horsley Hill Road.

Then continue walking until you get to the third street on the left "Westoe Avenue"

Continue walking down until you reach the church on the corner of St.Vincent Street on Westoe Avenue.

The church is distinctive with its maroon colours and sign saying "Seventh-day Adventist Church."

If you live in South Shields:

You will probably know the bus routes in South Shields, although the church is hard to find on first occasion.

You will know where the 'Crown Pub' is on Ocean Road.

Take the turn from the Round about to 'Mowbray Road.' Continue going up there until you reach a telephone box on the right hand side of the street, next to a little park.

Then look left and you will see a sign saying "Westoe Avenue."

You will see the church from there, red door, and  a sign saying "Seventh-day Adventist Church."

The service is on the first floor, to the left as you walk in.


If you live anywhere else that is not listed here, contact us and we will advice you on your travel.

I hope you arrive safely. The journey was worth it!