Seventh-Day Adventist Church

South Shields Adventist church We are normal every day people from Sunderland and South Shields who aim to understand more about Jesus by reading the Bible.


Typical Saturday is our day structured on any typical Saturday:


10:00-11:20-Sabbath School:

- Prayers and Hymns

- Sharing time

- Mission stories and reports/DVD/PowerPoint

- Announcements on special projects, current issues in the news

- Lesson study of which varies with age. Normally everyone who has this book and studies it during the week, brings it to church and together we discuss what we learnt from that topic in a nice and informal way.


11:40-12:30-Divine Service/Second Program/Sermon

- Here we have hymns and prayers

- Collection of offerings/Tithe

- Sermon/presentation; depending on the topic can vary in length-although on average they last 30 minutes

After all of this sometimes there is an afternoon program or we all go home after having a talk.

You may have an impression of 'church-folk' as being 'perfect', 'judgemental', or 'bible-bashing'. You may have experienced this before (many have!) We are none of these. Instead we aim to be loving, caring, understanding and accepting. We aim to like Jesus (who was in fact perfect and the only person who was and who is)