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South Shields Seventh-day Adventist church We want to understand more about God through Jesus by listening to the Holy Spirit guide us


Sabbath School

 What is Sabbath School?

South Shields Church like many other Adventist churches places Sabbath School with high importance.

No matter what age you may be there's a class for everyone. We provide a series of Sabbath School lessons for each age group. (Some children may know a lot about a certain topic, so the lesson book is given to each person's understanding of the Bible)


 Its a time when we all sit down, and review our 'lesson books' ( study guides we have followed throughout the week) and talk about what we have learnt. During this time, we cover the lesson day by day and resume when we all have understood the topic for that week.


There's more to Sabbath School that you may not know about.

Not only do we all open up our bibles, we interact with the Sabbath School Activites such as ...

Praise and Worship

  Prayer -  We all have a chance to not only to pray for others and ourselves but once every two weeks a name is selected from Sabbath School for us to pray for. With our prayer sheets we write the name down of that member and also their families, so each day during the two weeks, all their family and friends are being prayed for, whether church members or not.

Mission Story- We are either reading, listening or watching a mission story in a booklet or on DVD about what is happening in the Adventist Church worldwide! Then at the end of each story a offering is passed around for them who would like to give a contribution for the work undertaken by missionaries and all others who are involved in the mission projects. At the end of the quarter ( every 13 weeks) there is a special program where we reflect on that quarter and look forward to next quarter's mission focus.

Along with all of this theres also a chance for members to have their own record cards. This enables them to write down everything they do during a week period, whether 'Amount of Clothing given' to 'Bible Studies given.' It helps that member to recall what they have done and what they can do, their own pesonal checklist.

Sabbath School sounds exciting doesn't it, a time where you make friends and enjoy one another's company. In one person's view, it's like this...

"Ex-General Conference President Jan Paulsen has said that Sabbath School is like breakfast. For more than 150 years it has provided the spiritual nourishment that is needed to meet the challenges that arise during the rest of the week."

Do you want to feel the same way?

Come and see for yourself!

10:00 Each saturday (Sabbath)